Warwick SASCo products available at Indy Stores

Warwick SASCo have a long standing relationship with Indy, Enabled Living Centres, in Evesham, Redditch and Worcester.

Store manager Angela and her team are happy to help answer your questions and take orders from our Spa Range.

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Working with Iris Slovenia

Iris Slovenia - Warwick SASCO-1It was a pleasure to meet SSD Managers at General Hospital Novo Mesta and University Clinical

Centre Marbor, Slovenia, this week.

 Thank you to Iris our distributor in the region

Iris Slovenia - Warwick SASCo-2

We really love the Slovenia Sterile Services Association logo “Sterile Services, at he heart of the hospital”. Very true!

Iris Slovenia - Warwick SASCO-3



Sharing Knowledge in Lebanon

Congratulations to Kettaneh, our distributor partners in The Lebanon, for an educational and well organised seminar for Sterile Services and Theatres.

Delegates attended seminars about Instrument Management (Warwick SASCo UK), Vpro (Steris USA), Monitoring Steam Sterilization (GKE Germany), Building a Sufficient CSSD (Famos Netherlands) and Sterile Barriers (Ahlstrom Munksjo France).


Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo2 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo8 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo7 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo6 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo5 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCO4 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo3 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo1

HIKON 2018 – Hakerman Turkey

We would like to congratulate Hakerman, our distributor partners in Turkey, on a successful HIKON 2018 Hospital Disinfection congress.


Hakerman Warwick Sasco 1 Hakerman Warwick Sasco 2.png   Hakerman Warwick Sasco 3.png.jpg


Contact Janine@sasco.co.uk if you would like our support at your local conference or exhibition.