Warwick SASCo Ltd. commits to protecting the environment by making efficient use of company resources, cutting waste and carbon emissions.

The company will manage activities in a way that makes the best use of resources by developing business processes and a culture that is sensitive to environmental protection, being conscious of environmental needs and taking into account expectations of our society.

Environmental Management System Principles
  • To raise employee awareness of environmental issues.
  • To support and encourage staff in developing and implementing working practices which benefit the environment.
  • To reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by on-going energy efficiency improvement programme.
  • To avoid the use of hazardous substances and use all reasonable measures to protect the environment if their use is unavoidable.
  • To minimise the generation of waste and institute controls on its disposal.
  • To ensure all who work on our behalf like suppliers and contractors are aware of and co-operate with our environmental aims.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Carbon Reduction plan:

Warwick SASCo Projected Carbon Reduction – 02-Oct-2023 Graph Chart

Carbon Reduction Projeted Graph ye 2023

Warwick SASCo Carbon Reduction Plan

11.1 CRP Carbon Reduction Plan MASTER 22