Warwick Range of Re-usable Products
Can I autoclave Warwick products?

Yes, the Warwick ranges of products are designed for repeated use in Hospital autoclaves.

How do I sterilize Warwick products?

Warwick products can be sterilized by the following processes Steam Autoclave, Ethylene Oxide (ETO), Gas Plasma/Hydrogen Peroxide, Electron Beam and Gamma Irradiation.

How many times can I sterilize Warwick products?

Warwick products are designed for repeated use in Hospital autoclave, they can be sterilised over 1,000 times.

SteriLite products are single use and can only be sterilized once.

What is the material?

Warwick products are manufactured from polypropylene unless otherwise stated.

Is the material safe to use?

Yes, Polypropylene is a safe material to use. The material complies to all EU Legislation relating to plastic materials.

Is the product compatible with cleaning and hospital disinfection solutions?

Yes Warwick products are compatible with all hospital cleaning solutions. Follow the Instructions For Use provided by the solution company.

Spa Range of Nursing Care Products
What is the maximum weight for a bedpan?

The Spa range of Bedpans complies with British Standard BS 2588. The stress test in the standard is for a bedpans load of 250kg.

How do I clean a bedpan?

Hospitals use a specialist bedpan washing machine to clean and disinfect the pan. For home use wash in warm soapy water and dry with paper towel.

What is the Material?

Bedpans are made from polypropylene and urinal bottles are made from HDPE High Density Polyethylene, both materials are safe to use.