Compromised sterile wraps temporarily suspends elective surgeries at HRRMC

Warwick Sasco Sterile

Well done HRRMC for coping in a situation that all CSSD dread.

Elective surgeries were suspended after surgical staff discovered compromised sterile wraps.


To ensure patient safety, Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center is temporarily suspending elective surgeries.

The hospital’s Surgical Services staff determined that some of the surgical wraps that protect the trays of sterilized surgical instruments appeared to be compromised. The issue was discovered prior to any surgeries and no patients were involved.

“Our Surgical Department has been working around the clock to resolve the issue,” said April Asbury, VP of patient services at the hospital. “We have purchased a different sterilization unit that is expected to be up and running by July 30. In the meantime, we do have sterilized packs on hand for emergency trauma surgeries and cesarean sections.”

The hospital’s procedure room remains open for colonoscopies, which use a different process for sterilization. Pain procedures are also not impacted and continue to be scheduled in the operating room.

“The proactive decision to shut down elective surgeries is a preventive measure,” said Dr. Karen Johnson, director of surgical services at HRRMC. “We want to make sure we are going above and beyond the standard of care to ensure the safety of our patients.”

The hospital is currently rescheduling any postponed elective surgeries for next week. The hospital will divert routine surgeries to other regional hospitals until next week.