Sharing Knowledge in Lebanon

Congratulations to Kettaneh, our distributor partners in The Lebanon, for an educational and well organised seminar for Sterile Services and Theatres.

Delegates attended seminars about Instrument Management (Warwick SASCo UK), Vpro (Steris USA), Monitoring Steam Sterilization (GKE Germany), Building a Sufficient CSSD (Famos Netherlands) and Sterile Barriers (Ahlstrom Munksjo France).


Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo2 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo8 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo7 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo6 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo5 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCO4 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo3 Kettaneh-Warwick SASCo1